Explore the World of Print On Demand Products. Get Your Perfect Item.

From t-shirts, mugs, shoes to pet beds, mail boxes and even stairs, everything in your life can be decorated and personalized.

What is “print on demand” products and why are they so awesome?

Basically, anything that we can print a graphic on to make it unique, fun and to express ourselves, can be a “print on demand” (POD) product. Here are some examples of popular POD products:

Why are these products called POD products? Because we only print the graphic on the item after someone makes an order for it.

This type of product has been trending up in recent years. Starting from t-shirts, it now covers so many different products such as mugs, shoes, car seat cover, banners and many more. 

Why this is a total game changer?

The traditional way is: we design something, we make it and hope people like it. If people do, then we make and sell more of it to people and that’s a success. With this model, we aren’t completely free to be as creative as we want, because it costs money to make things. The more designs we make, the more resources we have to invest in production and if those products aren’t popular then we suffer a loss. This forces us to limit our creative instinct and we have to become more like businessmen.

But with POD model, we can focus on designing without worrying about production cost. This has allowed us to concentrate our effort on understanding customers’ needs and creating thousands of stunning designs. We have created products for animal lovers, pet owners, people in various professions, birthdays, with all kinds of hobbies and causes, for any occasion. We can design about basically anything in life for you.

If you dream of something, it exists in the POD world.

It’s fine if we create something that only appeals to a small group of people, because we don’t have to mass produce anything. Even if you are the only one in the world that wants something, we can deliver it. Every customer is served and no one is left behind. We are moving from just selling products to delivering a service.

The POD model also allows us to personalize and customize each product for you. You can ask us to add your name or any text on the product, add or change something of the original design. This is a great opportunity to create something truly unique and truly yours, or create a great personalized gift for your loved ones. This is where we are different from big brands, which often cannot or do not care about a single customer.

This is a win-win for everyone.

We, as designers, are free to be creative and make tons of new designs. You, as customers, have so many beautiful and customizable products to choose, to celebrate any occasion, express pride, humor and support for anything you care about. We can make the perfect item in your wildest dream come true. We love this idea and that’s why we are working hard to build a good POD business.

Nowadays there are tons of awesome POD products with cool graphic and funny quotes about almost everything. The world of print on demand products can give us exactly what we want, with graphic and message that express who we are and what we love. It can connect people and make our life so much more fun and creative.

And that is what we are aiming to bring to you. We are working hard to expand beyond T-shirts, Shoes, Leggings and Blankets. Soon we will launch more cool products such as Mugs, Socks, Pillows and more. So check out our store regularly and subscribe to our email list to get latest updates and special offers on new products.

2 things that you need to know

We are running a POD business and it is relatively new and different from the traditional ways. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that every order requires processing time. That means we need time to print the design onto the product you buy. You should read the processing time and shipping time on each listing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

The second thing is remember that everything is customizable. If you are looking for something special and can’t find it, just ask and we’ll create it for you. We love to create unique products and great gifts for our customers!

Sky is the limit

We are excited to welcome you to this vast and beautiful world of POD products, where the perfect thing for you exists. You just need to ask for it. So the next time you want something special for yourself or a stunning gift that recipient won’t ever forget, you can come to us. We are thankful for your support and we commit to create more designs and deliver better products and services for all of you. We hope you’ll have a great time shopping on avathread.uk.

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