Welcome to Avathread.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out our store.

Who we are and our mission.

We are a group of passionate designers and we have been designing novelty products for years. We created this store to make beautiful designs for t-shirts, shoes and various other products for many occasions. We always try our best to make our customers happy by offering the best quality and service. Our mission is creating beautiful, unique and personalized products that people can buy as gifts.

How our business works.

  1. We create unique designs for various products and display them on our store. But we only make the physical product of a design after a customer orders it. This is called “print on demand”.
  2. When a customer makes a purchase, we assemble, print and ship the product with the help of print providers. This means we need time for the production process (processing time) before we can ship the item. These print providers are located in different places in different countries, but all of them ship products worldwide. Processing and shipping time frame for our product categories are listed in details in our shipping information page.
  3. Because we create a design first and make a physical product later when there is a demand for it, we can customize and personalize a design in any way you want. If you can’t find something you like, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are always glad to help you find the perfect product or create it for you.

Why we choose this path.

We believe in the value of sustainability and originality. The print on demand model is the perfect way for us to be creative and make lots of unique designs while making zero waste. There is no risk of making products that don’t sell and eventually turn into waste. We only make products that customers actually wants. This also gives customers the freedom to customize and personalize what they buy.

Avathread’s fulfillment partners.

We partner with many print providers in United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and China. Each print provider is capable of making and shipping various product categories, but not everything. For example, many US print providers in our system offer print-on-demand t-shirts but they don’t make shoes or leggings. Here is a quick overview of our fulfillment network:

  • Shoes, boots and blankets: made in China
  • All over print 3D hoodies: made in China or Mexico (we pick the print provider closest to your location for the best speed and price)
  • Leggings, mugs and canvas: made in USA
  • T-shirts: made in USA, UK, Canada, Germany or Australia (we pick the print provider closest to your location for the best speed and price)

We have at least 2 different print providers for each product category. We always pick the best print provider to fulfill an order for optimal quality, processing time and shipping time. Processing time and shipping time for each product and destination are shown in the product listing page. You can also see more details in the shipping information page.

Our fulfillment system is always subject to change. Due to various factor such as changes in the commodity market or turbulence in the logistics chain, we may have to switch between print providers or choose a different shipping carrier, which may result in delays. If you are concerned with delivery speed, please contact us.


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