Return & Refund Policy

Avathread aims for the best product quality and customer experience. We work hard to ensure that all our products are printed to high-quality standards and delivered on time. Please contact us if there is something wrong with your product. We’ll gladly resolve any issue by following our return & refund policy, which is described in details in this page.

Any defects or errors on our part will result in a replacement at no charge. We typically do not accept returns in case of mistakes made by buyer such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, etc. Please be aware of the important notice below:

Return & refund policy

Since each order is custom made and printed on demand, we DO NOT accept return or exchange. We only arrange free replacement or refund when there is an issue with your order. Please read the following table to see in which situation your order is qualified for a free replacement or refund.

Quality issueYes
Items are missingYes
Product is significantly different from the description or the preview shown to youYes
Product is damagedYes
What you received is not what you orderedYes
Delivery issues due to mistakes from our partsYes
Delivery issues due to customer’s mistakesNo
Delivery issues due to turbulent circumstancesNo
Order placed by mistake or not cancelled in time


Wrong size/color choice by customer

No Refund.

Paid Replacement.

If we can confirm that your issue falls into one of our categories that allow refund or replacement, we will take responsibility and take action immediately. For categories that don’t allow immediate refund or replacement, we accept further discussion and we are open to resolve any issue in a way that satisfies interests of all sides.

Our refund window: within 30 days after delivery date. Any refund request made after 30 days or more will not be accepted.

Below are further clarifications and notes for some categories:

  • Product is significantly different from the description or the preview shown to you.

    Our printed products usually look the same as what you see in the pictures on product pages. However, these pictures are not taken from real life and they are for reference only. There might be slight different between what is shown in picture and what is printed. Each monitor also displays color differently and usually does not show true colors. Colors on a product in real life may look different under different angle or lighting condition. We only take responsibility if the difference is unacceptably significant.

  • Delivery issues due to mistakes from our parts.

    This means we failed to deliver your order on time or completely failed to deliver, because of our mistakes or delays during production or shipping process. A delivery is considered late if it does not follow our shipping time frame. You can read our shipping time frame table in the Shipping Information page.

  • Delivery issues due to customer’s mistakes.

    There might be various reasons for this: customer failing to receive the package on her end by being absent, having no storage space, denying package delivery, not picking up phone calls, package being stolen upon delivery or customer entering wrong shipping address. In this case we are not responsible for delivery issue, but we can help with retrieving or reshipping the package. Please contact us if you need help.

  • Delivery issues due to turbulent circumstances.

    In case of turbulent circumstances such as global pandemic, bad weather, delayed customs or disrupted logistics during peak seasons, we are not responsible for late or failed delivery. However we can help with retrieving or reshipping the package if possible, and offer discount for reorder.

  • Wrong size/color choice by customer.

    Each size shown on a product page follows the size chart on the same page. We do not consider a size wrong if its numbers match our size chart. We highly recommend customers to pick size based on our size charts instead of other size charts or their own assumption. We also highly recommend customers to contact us to preview their color choice if they are not sure how the colors would look like. We don’t refund in this case, but we can offer discount for ordering a new replacement.

  • Quality issue

    This term refers to physical damage on a product, loose, broken or deformed parts of the products that cause it to malfunction. Subjective descriptions of a product such as “not comfortable”, “cheap”, “low quality” are not considered eligible for a full refund or replacement by our policy, unless buyer can provide valid proof of the damage or flaws of the product. We offer partial refund for your order if you are overall not satisfied with how the product feels.


  • For some products such as shoes, t-shirts or hoodies, due to the nature of production process for these products, there might be slight difference between dimensions in the size chart and actual dimensions of the printed item. If the difference is below 1 inch, it is acceptable.
  • If there is a situation that does not fall into any category mentioned above, please contact us and discuss a solution.

Order cancellation.

We can only process cancellations for items that have not gone into production. Please request cancellation at least within 6 hours after you order.

Please email us at [email protected] with your order details and we will cancel your order if possible.

Submit a claim for a refund/replacement.

Any claims must be submitted within 7 days after the delivery date. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 30 days since the last tracking update. If a claim is submitted too late, we might not be able to resolve the issue anymore.

To file a claim, please send us an email to [email protected] and provide:

  1. Your order number or other information relating to your order such as name, product ordered or the date you made the order.
  2. Video/photo(s) of the defective product(s);
    • If your claim is about defective product, please include photos showing the defected parts.
    • If your claim is about wrong size, please send photos showing your measurements.
    • If your claim is about missing items, please provide an image of the received package’s cover including the shipping label.

If a customer fails to show valid proof, we have the right to deny a claim.

What to do when order has been returned to sender.

There are a few reasons an order is returned to sender:

  • most often it is due to an incorrect address. 
  • the package was un-claimed at customs or the post office or refused/returned by end recipient.

Please contact us to if you need the product re-shipped to you. New shipping charges and possible service fees will be applied.

What to do if you never received your order or package was lost in transit.

First, please check the tracking information of your order. Once we ship your order, we will send a notification email to the email address you entered to your order. Please check your inbox and spam folder for this email. It contains tracking link for your package. If you have not received this email or tracking link doesn’t work, please contact us by email ([email protected]).

In case of turbulent circumstances, shipping times might get delayed. Please contact us so we can investigate and give you updates on the situation. However we are unable to resolve shipping delays or errors in this case. Only shipping carriers can solve this problem.

If we have provided correct tracking information, it means that we have shipped the order to the shipping address you gave us.

If tracking shows that your package was delivered but you didn’t receive it in your mail box, please try:

  1. Searching around your neighborhood. Sometimes items are misplaced or stolen upon delivery.
  2. Checking if you have entered the correct shipping address.
  3. Contacting us and contacting your local post office. Sometimes packages are scanned as delivered by mistake.

If tracking updates stopped and you never received your package, please contact us and we’ll investigate. Once we confirm that the package got lost in transit, you can demand a full refund or a free replacement.

What to do if a product doesn’t fit.

Please measure the corresponding dimensions of the product and compare to our size chart. If the measurements of the product match the size chart, we have sent the right item as described (at least size-wise). In that case we will not refund or exchange. We strongly advise that every customer uses size charts to find the most suitable size. The dimensions of finished product may differ slightly from the size chart, but it should only be 1 inch or smaller.

If the measurements of the product doesn’t match the size chart, we consider this product not as described and we will either send a free replacement or issue full refund.

What to do if the shipping address was wrong.

If you provide a correct address but we ship to a wrong address, we’ll take full responsibility and send a free replacement or issue full refund for your order.

If you provide a wrong address and we ship to that address, please contact us and we’ll try our best to help you claim your package.

Refund process (if applicable)

We are committed to providing you with the best products, and we are happy to replace or refund your order following our return and refund policy detailed in this page.

Once issued, a refund may take several business days to complete. Please wait for money to go back to your account. Third parties may apply fees such transaction fee or dispute fee and these are not refunded. We strongly advise customers to contact and discuss any issue with us first before making a claim to third parties to avoid such fees. Currency exchange rate may also affect the amount money you receive.

If you haven’t received a refund yet, please contact your bank/credit card company. It may take some time before your refund is officially posted.

If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund, please contact us.

Replacement process (if applicable)

We send replacement orders following our return and refund policy detailed in this page. A replacement takes the same amount of production time and shipping time as normal order. We provide tracking information for replacement items via email.

A replacement order is treated the same way as an normal order. It means that if there is any issue with a replacement order, we take actions following our return and refund policy detailed in this page.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that making an order means accepting all the terms mentioned above.