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ACCOUNTANT license plates LOW TOP@ proudteaching ACCOUNTANT3563@low-top" 107333


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ARCHITECT LEATHER BOOT@ zolagifts architectboot@all-season-boots" 281243


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SS-U-Job-LineAb1003-Art-2 @ Line Abstract Artist-Artist Sneakers Gym Running Shoes, Gift For Women And Men. Rainbow Color Gradient Custom Personalized Shoes.
assistant principal art@ proudteaching assistant12241@sneakers 138983

Assistant Principal

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LTS-U-Job-AbPurpBlue1002-Atn-3 @ Abstract Purple Blue Attorney-Attorney Tennis Gym Shoes Low Top Shoes Sneakers For Women And Men. Blue Purple Custom Personalized Gift.


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LBS-U-Nur-GreeYellMdl2002-Vet1-32 @ Green Yellow Mandala Veterinarian-Veterinarian Vegan Leather Boots For Women And Men. Mandala Colorful Custom Personalized Gift.

Vet – Veterinarian – Vet Tech

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Hoodie - Veteran 354849


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WELDER HIGH TOP SHOES@ lazaart S2853@high-top" 232695

Dog Groomer

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LEGG-W-Job-VY1FlagTxtBelgMali-Plof-1 @ Police Back The Blue Belgian Malinois-Proud Police Leggings For Women. Thin Blue Line Back The Blue Dog Pattern Women Leggings. Yoga Gift For Women, Birthday Gift For Her.
Trucker@ silveryprint th01sho1trk5016@sneakers 332055


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Author live love write license plates low top@ springlifepro Authord23v2d3@low-top" 267250
Barber@ rockinbee barber shoe 031@low-top 166728
bartender peace live life license plates low top@ springlifepro bartender3312@low-top" 253636


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SS-U-Job-LineAb1006-Bsm-10 @ Line Abstract Blacksmith-Blacksmith Sneakers Gym Running Shoes, Gift For Women And Men. Blue Neon Line Custom Personalized Shoes.


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ASB-U-Job-GreeYellMdl1002-Blg-7 @ Green Yellow Mandala Biologist-Biologist All Season Boots Vegan Leather Boots, Gift For Women And Men. Mandala Custom Personalized All Weather Hiking Boots.


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PB-U-Job-GreeYellMdl1002-Btc-11 @ Green Yellow Mandala Butcher-Butcher Premium Fleece Blanket. Mandala Custom Personalized Blanket, Home Decoration Gift.


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SS-U-Job-LineAb1003-Cpt-9 @ Line Abstract Carpenter-Carpenter Sneakers Gym Running Shoes, Gift For Women And Men. Rainbow Color Gradient Custom Personalized Shoes.


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Chef High Top Shoes@ rockinbee chef knife2 111@high-top 227382


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ASB-U-Job-GreeYellMdl1002-Cegn-11 @ Green Yellow Mandala Civil Engineer-Civil Engineer All Season Boots Vegan Leather Boots, Gift For Women And Men. Mandala Custom Personalized All Weather Hiking Boots.

Civil Engineer

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COAL MINER HIGH TOP SHOES@ lazaart S28512@high-top" 229861

Coal Miner

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ASB-U-Job-AbPurpBlue1002-Cog-14 @ Abstract Purple Blue Coast Guard-Coast Guard All Season Boots Vegan Leather Boots, Gift For Women And Men. Blue Purple Custom Personalized All Weather Hiking Boots.

Coast Guard

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COMPUTER SOFTWARE ENGINEER SHOES@ lazaart cpt4@low-top" 195232

Computer Engineer – Computer Teacher

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COUNSELOR LIVE LOVE license plates@ proudteaching COUNSELOR545@sneakers 146866


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Dental Cute Black Shoes@ limiteditionshoes dental cute black shoes@sneakers 215575
LTS-U-Nurse-HippieJean-Dentist-3@ Hippie Jean Dentist 3-Dentist Low Top Shoes Gift For Women Men. Hippie Colorful Custom Shoes.


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Cute Nurse Shoes Nursing Shoes Nurse Shoes Women Canvas Shoes Womens Slip Ons Women Casual Shoes Nurse Gift Doctor Shoes 757114166 3541
DOG GROOMER LOVE ART SHOES@ springlifepro doggro948@sneakers 270214

Dog Groomer

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ENGINEER LEATHER BOOT@ zolagifts engineer@all-season-boots" 282210


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Blanket - Farmer - Tractor Flag@_weecreate4u_traclag@premium-blanket Blanket - Farmer - Tractor Flag Fleece Blanket, Personalized Gifts, Custom Blanket 585388
FIREFIGHTER LEATHER BOOT@ zolagifts firefighter@all-season-boots" 287825


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flight attendant license plates LOW TOP@ springlifepro bfg434@low-top 251612

Flight Attendant

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hairstylist heart icon shoes@ animalaholic hairstyl578@sneakers 22078


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Marine Mom@ rockinbee mr mom 297@low-top" 160323
Massage Therapist: Perfect Sneakers@ dsk custom mt sneakers@sneakers 54712

Massage Therapist

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MECHANIC DRIVER LEATHER BOOT@ zolagifts mechanic@all-season-boots" 285571


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Pharmacist WINGS SHOES@ proudnursing PharmacistDB3652@sneakers 81036


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SS-U-Job-LineAb2002-Ptgr-5 @ Line Abstract Photographer-Photographer Sneakers Gym Running Shoes, Gift For Women And Men. Rainbow Color Gradient Custom Personalized Shoes.


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PB-U-Nur-GreeYellMdl2002-PhyThe-20 @ Green Yellow Mandala Physical Therapist-Physical Therapist Premium Fleece Blanket. Mandala Custom Personalized Blanket, Home Decoration Gift.

Physical Therapist

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LTS-U-Nurse-HippieJean-Physician_Assistant-21@ Hippie Jean Physician Assistant 21-Physician Assistant Low Top Shoes Gift For Women Men. Hippie Colorful Custom Shoes.

Physician Assistant

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POLICE LEATHER BOOT@ zolagifts policeboot@all-season-boots" 287733
PRINCIPAL WEB LOWTOP@ proudteaching princialweb9930@low-top" 117078


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RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST: Cool Sneakers@ dsk custom rad sneakers04@sneakers 55153

Radiologic Technologist

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real estate chick license plates low top@ springlifepro read1vb6d@low-top 265041

Real Estate

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LBS-U-Nur-GreeYellMdl2002-RegNur-26 @ Green Yellow Mandala Registered Nurse-Registered Nurse Vegan Leather Boots For Women And Men. Mandala Colorful Custom Personalized Gift.

Registered nurse

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School Bus Driver

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SCHOOL NURSE ABC BLACK LOW TOP@ proudteaching schonure773@low-top" 126398

School Nurse

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Social Worker - Live love Flag Blanket@_proudteaching_soci8738@premium-blanket Social Worker - Live Love Flag Blanket Fleece Blanket, Personalized Gifts, Custom Blanket 597874

Social Worker

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speech-language pathologist license plates low top@ springlifepro speec1v1d32x@low-top" 266025

Speech Language Pathologist

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VINTAGE TEACHER BLANKET@_proudteaching_vintea65633@premium-blanket Vintage Teacher Blanket Fleece Blanket, Personalized Gifts, Custom Blanket 599354


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Based on 355 reviews
Toller Schuh

Tolle, stylische und vor allem bequeme Turnschuhe. Werde oft darauf angesprochen. Ich kann jedem diesen Schuh empfehlen.
Liebe Grüße Kerstin


I bought these as a gift and they are perfect. I have a pair so I know they are great quality, have support and fit to size!

Dog Groomer Lavender Tools Pattern Sneakers Shoes
Michelle S. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Love them

Love all about the shoes! The art, the color, how comfortable and light they are. Not slippery at work. Amazing.


They are a good quality shoe and they are comfortable! They look great and I love them!

MS custom designed boots!!

My Wife has MS and she is my HERO. I asked avathread help with my design and they came out perfect!! The sizes are exact. Best thing I could do for our 16th anniversary! She loved them. She wears them to her MS infusions and everyone ask where she got them. She lets them know avathread!!

Very satisfied

They fit perfectly and look 😍 👌 good. Waiting on boots 👢

Awesome purchase

Exactly what I was hoping for. Shoes fit great based on the sizing guide. And the quality is excellent. The processes in and shipping took only a few weeks, nothing crazy and was delivered as expected. I get so many complements on them and LOVE the corgi choices available. Would definitely order again and have already recommended my sister get a pair. Actually bought two pair. Pictured.

Great Shoes

Great shoes! Not only beautiful, but comfortable too. I had "Fiona" personalization added after my beloved Cincinnati Zoo hippo. The only thing I would have liked more is her name on the outer side of the shoe instead of inner so it would be more visible. Thank you Avathread for these great shoes!

Love these sneakers

I love having personalized sneakers.

Love them! They turned out perfect and I receive so many compliments!

Neuroblastoma shoes

I ordered a pair of these wonderful shoes in honor of my grandson currently fighting neuroblastoma cancer. He was diagnosed when he was 1 years old. He is now 3!!! God is good!!!! These shoes are adorable and comfortable. True to size. I am so happy I ordered these. Everyone that sees them loves them and want a pair.

Love My Shoes

I’m truly love being a School Counselor and was so excited to wear them to school. I got a lot of compliments on them and people asking where I got them from and interest in buying them

Superb printing - Low-Quality Soles

First, the customization is beautiful! I chose a rainbow background and added a horse on one side and wording on the other. The colors are vibrant and the image and text are clear and easily readable. They're beautiful to look at and since I wear them at our business, I get lots of compliments on them.
That said, I have to be honest - The soles are low quality, hard plastic, with NO cushioning or support whatsoever. These will not be comfortable to wear standing up for long periods, walking, or running in. I don't expect them to last very long, either, since you have soft fabric glued to hard plastic soles - I expect them to separate within a short time, particularly if you wear them outdoors in weather, temp changes, etc.

For my purposes, which is wearing them in our store for a few hours per week, and leaving them there between uses, they're fine. I sit between customers, so I'm not on my feet for a long time. These are definitely made for showing off, not for serious wear. If that fits your situation, get them!


Awesome love them, have had so many compliments on them

My Little Mermaid

I ordered the Mermaid shoes but had my granddaughter's name...Emma put on the shoes.

Love them and so will she.

Love them!

Exactly as described, fit well. Love them!

Excellent Experience

I custom ordered these and they came to me EXACTLY how I customized them and quick speedy delivery

Love my boots!!

Absolutely amazing!! Will be ordering again from Avathread!

Perfect fit

They are so comfortable. I get compliments on them each time I wear them.

Be specific

I wanted the heart stethoscope they show already on the inside of the shoe in the preview but they moved the one from the toe also the font could have been placed differently or smaller still happy with them!!

Massage Therapist Watercolor Low Top Shoes Gift Women Men. Colorful Custom Shoes.
Kimberly S. (Ephrata, US)
Beautiful Customization

These shoes were a Christmas gift for my niece who is a massage therapist, she absolutely loved them! The only thing I would say is the shoe that was used is a little on the cheaper side, I would have preferred a better, more reliable shoe. Other than that, they were beautiful and just what I wanted for her!

Perfect shoes for wine tasting tours!

My bestie and I frequently take weekend road trips to local wineries. I purchased these shoes to complete my wine tasting outfit; perfect fit, comfy and super cute ... received lots of compliments! 🙂